This past weekend I headed a couple of hours north to watch the the Inland Northwest Cyclocross Series final race, at Walters’ Fruit Ranch in Washington. The girl and I were actually oven/range shopping but the deal I made was that we could spend the first few hours watching the races.

I’ve never raced cross, but I have taken my mtb around the local circuit several times. Next year, though, I think closing out the summer race season with a series of cross races might just be a thing to do, because why not. My Cannondale frame is now stripped down to almost nothing and the rebuild, turning it into a gravel (but usable cross) bike is going to start in the new year.

Not much news here, otherwise. Last week I cranked up the running miles and may have slightly aggro’d my achilles…so after a week off from running I followed up this morning’s spin with an easy 2 miles and all seems fine. Next week we’ll be heading to Arizona for Thanksgiving to see family, eat, enjoy the warm weather, eat, and probably eat some more. The restaurant scene in our hometown of Pullman, WA is weak AF so we need to take advantage of the chomps when we venture to bigger scenes. We’ll also be bringing our running gear and will hopefully get in some daily desert trail sessions in my old stomping ground.

There isn’t any environment I find more enjoyable to run than the desert. It’s a mix of rolling hills, sand, dirt, rock, and very little shade. Takes me back to when I began running in college and it just fills me with energy thinking about it. Hopefully it’ll offset all of the food intake but I doubt it.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, catch ya in a couple of weeks!

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