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August 2017

It’s hot, harvest time, and grain trucks are speeding past us on a two lane road in the hills of the Palouse. We’re only about 6 miles into the ride when “POP!” and my rear end begins sliding.

It doesn’t happen very often, and maybe I had overinflated my tube, but I blew out the center of my tube & tire. This sucks because the tire itself is garbage ($50-60) not to mention it won’t even holding a spare tube long enough for me to ride home. There is where cash-money comes in handy; A trick I learned in my MTB days, when you get a flat so significant that it compromises the wall of your tire, you essentially need to reinforce the inside so that the tube doesn’t squeeze itself when it inflates.

I had a twenty spot that was actually for some post-ride tacos but those were gonna have to wait. Folded up and positioned between the new tube and rupture spot on the tire, I was able to make it almost all the way back home before I had burned through the bill and the new tube, flatting again.

Flats suck but it’s all a part of it.

The Fall semester is about to kick off and work has been nuts. So much so, that we completely spaced and forgot to renew our campus parking pass and of course now everything is full. It’s not really a big deal and to be honest, I felt a little guilty driving to work since we live so close to campus. The only real need for driving is either when the weather is absolute dog shit or when I want to hit the student rec center (re: gym) in the mornings.

I decided now was a good time to resurrect my single speed and begin commuting, something I haven’t done since living in Phoenix (where it’s flat). This was my first morning ride in and the route I took wasn’t right. Or at least, my gearing isn’t appropriate for the route I tried. Tomorrow morning I’ll try a different way that’s a little less steep.

Also, my rig which has been in storage for the past three years, is in rougher shape than I had thought. Both wheels are FUBAR’d. They roll, but the rear is far from true and the front has a serious dent. In addition the brakes are pretty sketch. They’re OG and the pads are tiny & dry. I’m thinking this is a solid opportunity to upgrade from 27 inch wheels to 700c with modern brakes. That’ll be a project for next month.

All of that being said, I’m stoked to have a reasonable need to commute and justification for putting some money into my beloved-yet-neglected single speed.

Basically toe-ing the line.

I think I’m ready?

T-Minus 10 Weeks


This will be like last year but more and better.


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