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Time flies, man. It seems like just yesterday I was in my 20’s working at The Phoenix Zoo in Arizona, racing triathlons, running the desert, and feeling invincible. That was close to 8 years go and a lot has changed, which I’ve eluded to in earlier posts.

I haven’t raced a tri, alone crossed any sort of finish line since moving up to Washington. I’ve slowed down, gained weight, and injured myself in the sporadic attempts to jumpstart some semblance of a fitness regimen.

Finally I can say my head is back in it. I can tell when I’m just going through the motions hoping that the “training gear” of my mind will finally engage. It’s [not] happened so many times before, that I’m thankful to recognize when it’s no longer just a wishful thought. I’ve been following a set training plan for a month now and am loving every second of it.

The first major goal: Ironman 70.3 Tempe, 2018

Because nobody reads this blog anyway, I’m unapologetically going to use it to document some of my wins and struggles getting to this race. There are many triathlon blogs out there, but this one is mine.

Let’s start off with some (humbling) numbers. I have been partaking in a great program put on my employer (a certain PAC12 university) that is, essentially, an employee wellness program but designed for more athletic participants. Within this program I check-in every couple of months for some testing. I’ve been three times this year since January, and here are some of my latest results:

22.56kg fat mass, 79.6kg fat-free mass = 21.5% fat
VO2: 41.4 ml/kg/min

There’s more I could report but let’s not. The point is, I’ve great opportunity to make some gains and I’m looking forward to the challenge and the progress. Next check-in date in early August so we’ll see what goes down (or up).

Until then, I’ll drop an update here every couple of weeks with some basics on what training I’ve done and what I’ve learned along the way. So there it is. Now I’ve got some miles to cover.

Current training track:

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